Meet the TipRanks Team – Dafna Samuel, Financial Data Validation Team Leader

Dafna joined TipRanks in 2015 as a quality assurance intern. Five years later, as Financial Data Validation Team Leader, she is responsible for ensuring that the terabytes of data that appear on TipRanks are accurate. Dafna is passionate about Finance and Financial Markets. She has an MSc in Accounting and Financial Management from Lancaster University in the UK.

What is data validation? And what attracted you to working in a data role?

The idea of data validation is to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of information. It is the process of preliminary manual and/or automatic checks to data before further application to more advanced datasets.

In my opinion, you never have a dull day when you are working with data! There is always research, verification, or analysis to undertake.

Numbers and research fascinate me. I did my undergraduate degree in Accountancy and Finance. At the time I became familiar with Financial Markets and decided to undertake my Master’s in Accountancy and Financial Management with a focus on Equity Valuation.

Working in a data position at TipRanks gives me the opportunity to do all these things. It also provides an added technological translation of financial data which I have been exploring during the last few years and thoroughly enjoying.

As a data-centric service, how do you ensure that the data on TipRanks is accurate?

The main goal is to ensure that our in-house built technology identifies financial data without errors. We accomplish this by conducting continuous and daily manual and automatic checks.

Our checks ensure that our data is accurate, inclusive, and consistent with other data providers. We undertake any research, investigation, or analysis, as required to warrant accountability. When necessary, we take corrective actions to make sure that any errors are not repeated.

How do you see data validation process develop in the future?

Over the last couple of years, TipRanks has been exploring and developing new datasets and tapping into new markets. I have been fortunate to play a role in verifying and validating these systems and see more of these opportunities coming our way.

With new avenues available, I believe we will introduce more detailed and consistent monitoring of our data and technology. We are working towards building a process of continuous review and corrective systems to enable a hands-on approach towards data accuracy.

Can you tell us about your team?

Of course, there are four of us in total in the team.

Tali has been with us for almost four years and excels in ensuring that our data is inclusive and accurate. She is also responsible for checking the quality of our iOS app.

Naama joined us almost two years ago and she concentrates on accuracy and research of our data. She has developed some very handy research and verification skills.

Liel has been a part of the team for a few months and is already playing a role in investigating data issues in addition to ensuring accuracy.

You’ve lived in India, the UK, and Israel – what has living in different countries taught you?

“The only Constant in Life is Change!” – Heraclitus

That has literally been my biggest life lesson. Living abroad has taught me to accept, adjust and adapt to anything that life throws at me. They are all curveballs which ultimately have a higher purpose and continuous learning linked to them. There is always room for improvement!!!

And finally, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Since it’s only three words, I will have to say- Observant, Committed and Analytical😊