Meet the Team: Marina Goldenberg-Katz, Head of Marketing

Over the past year, Marina has transformed the way TipRanks reaches new audiences and interacts with existing ones. With an analytical mind and a creative flair, she is spearheading an innovative and exciting approach to the company’s marketing.

What attracted you to doing marketing for TipRanks?

I was attracted to marketing as it combines data, creativity, and understanding people. In fact, I’m so interested in the human mind that I have a B.Sc. in the Study of Consciousness from the University of Tel Aviv.

It’s important to me that I spend my days doing work that has a positive impact on people’s lives, which TipRanks most definitely does.

Investing wisely is essential to people’s financial well-being. Young and inexperienced investors can be at risk of following bad advice. We want them to have access to tools that will help them in their decision making.

TipRanks makes it easy for people to invest well, even if they don’t have previous experience or an understanding of the financial markets.

In terms of marketing for TipRanks, I enjoy the challenge of identifying and reaching the right audience and finding the best way to relay the message that TipRanks can help them.

TipRanks experienced huge growth in 2020. How did you manage this?

One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been that more people are looking to invest. This has meant that our offer is relevant for a much larger audience.

To reach more people, we’ve been more creative in our marketing. For example, we created a video campaign which used humor to introduce TipRanks to millions of people.

We also started to produce videos with market updates. We recently brought in Julie, who previously worked as a financial analyst and ran her own successful YouTube channel, to create daily videos.

This past year we’ve prioritized expanding social and creating new types of content. It is satisfying to see the buzz around TipRanks increase on all social channels. If you don’t yet follow us, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

We found that there is a huge appetite for our unique news content. Lots more people have signed up for our newsletter. Whereas a year ago we sent out 3 newsletters a week, we now send out a daily market story which reaches hundreds of thousands of people.

At TipRanks we are driven by a passion to educate people about investing wisely. We make sure that investors have the tools they need, and that they can always check the performance of an expert making a recommendation.

What are your priorities for 2021?

Our priorities are clear. We want to ensure that more people than ever before know about TipRanks and use us to make better, data-driven investing decisions. Just as important, we want to ensure that our users, who are at the heart of everything we do, are involved in our product development.

All investors are looking for the same thing – data they can trust. Much of our job as marketers is about communication.

There are a number of ways we are working to achieve our goals.

For example, when we run webinars with Uri Gruenbaum, our CEO, we leave time for questions. The product team looks very carefully at the feedback we receive and uses it to improve our services. Likewise with social media, we always consider the feedback we are sent. In fact, we created a Facebook group for our users to have direct access to us, which we invite you to join.

We are also looking for new and interesting ways to present our data that will resonate with investors.

To help us reach new audiences we’ve created an affiliate program, where we partner with high-quality influencers to promote TipRanks.

What are your biggest challenges?

The past year was certainly challenging as we grew massively while working from home. The marketing team expanded from two to five. All the new members were recruited and worked remotely.

An interesting challenge we faced over the past year was coming to the realization that our audience was no longer who we thought it was. We were used to our users being mainly men, based in the US, aged 40 plus. Recently younger people have stepped into the world of investing, which is why we started to put more of an emphasis on social media. We’re also seeing more users from around the world.

Apart from that, our main challenge is to continue growing at a quick pace. Thankfully, I’ve got an amazing team with me helping me achieve our goals.

And finally, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Analytical, Creative, Proactive