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How to find shares with the highest upside potential

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With many different factors affecting share prices, it is near impossible for most of us to predict how a stock is going to grow and therefore what to invest in. With TipRanks you don’t have to.

With many different factors affecting share prices, it is near impossible for most of us to predict how a stock is going to grow and therefore what to invest in. As well as macro-economic considerations such as inflation and interest rates and micro-economic factors like competition, and cash flow, there are also personal preferences to consider, for example company size, dividend yield, and sector.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of voices claiming to know what the next big investment opportunity is, but can you trust these often anonymous ‘experts?’

With TipRanks you don’t have to. We provide all the tools you need to make confident, informed investment choices, giving you access to unique market insights and validated experts’ opinions.

Our Shares Screener provides an easy way for you to research investment opportunities according to upside potential, as well as other criteria.

Unlike other screeners that can be complicated and burdensome, this one is easy to use and includes unique insights that can help you understand which shares you should consider investing in.

Analyst rating consensus & average price targets

City analysts, or Wall Street analysts as they are famously known in the United States, are in the business of researching companies, often covering a single sector, and writing reports about these companies’ prospects. In their notes, analysts will include a rating where they say whether investors should buy, hold or sell shares based on their research. They also set a price target which is the price they think a share will trade at in 12 months.

Using the screener, you can search for stocks according to their average upside potential, either according to all analysts or the top performers. You can also filter out any that don’t have a Strong Buy analyst rating consensus, again according to either all analysts or only the top performers.

Director and other expert insights

Of course, there are other factors to consider in your research. These include insights from other experts. Take the example of directors, the individuals who know the most about the companies they work for. Knowing if these directors are feeling positive or negative about a company based on their trading activity can be extremely powerful, as can the sentiment of financial bloggers and hedge fund managers.

It can also be a good idea to consider more traditional data in your research, such as dividend yield, if you could benefit from regular payouts, or market cap with larger companies tending to be more stable than small ones. A unique dataset worth knowing about is the TipRanks Smart Score, a unique data-driven stock score, based on 8 key market factors which predicts a stock’s potential.

Select shares based on your preferences

The screener will show a list of shares that match your preferences and the list will adjust as you change the criteria. You can easily change which data appears in the results to focus on what most interests you.

The shares are listed according to those with the highest upside potential, click on any column heading to switch the list order. If you want to see a more detailed analysis of any share, click on the ticker name (the name that the company trades under), to see a full analysis.

The Shares Screener is one of our most popular tools for searching for the shares with the highest upside potential. We invite you to give it a go and let us know what you think.

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