Follow the Top 25 Wall Street Analysts With TipRanks

It’s been quite the year for investors. And while volatility continues, hedge fund managers, high-end quant traders, and Wall Street firms rely on expensive tools to help maximize returns.

Meanwhile, individual investors are bombarded with more opinions, recommendations, and financial news, than ever before.

To help you cut through the noise, TipRanks measures and ranks the performance of almost 7,000 Wall Street analysts. You can follow the best performers so you never miss a recommendation. Here’s how it works.

See the Top 25 Wall Street Analysts

You can easily see who the Top 25 Wall Street analysts are. These analysts cover all sectors and are measured according to:

Success rate – per transaction, over the period of one year

Average return – of all transactions, over the period of one year

Statistical significance – experts with more recommendations rank better

We continuously update the list. All 5-star analysts have high success rates, average returns, and transaction count.

Filter Analysts According to Your Strategy

You can filter analysts according to 3 options:
– Sector
– Investment duration
– Benchmarks


Choose the best performing 25 analysts from any of 8 sectors. As Technology dominates the overall list, selecting any other sector will show you different results.

Here’s a quick look at the top analysts covering healthcare.

Investment duration

The default setting for measuring the performance of a rating is a period of one year.

However, if you are interested in short-term or longer-term investing, you can easily adjust the duration. This way you can see how analysts perform over different time frames – 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 2 years.


You can also see how analysts compare to the S&P 500 or their sector.

Investor Overview

Get a snapshot of each of the Top 25 analysts. Brent Bracelin from Piper Sandler ranks in 1st place. You can follow him by clicking on ‘Follow’ and be notified whenever he makes a rating.

Go to Brent’s full profile to see his stock coverage.

You can dig into any of an analyst’s stock recommendations to see their performance history for that particular stock.

Now Give it a Try!

TipRanks’ Top 25 Wall Street Analysts tool is reliable and easy to use. Try it to find investment recommendations from sources you can trust.

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