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Here’s How You Can Follow the Smartest People on Wall Street

Not everyone can become a financial expert. And you don’t need to when you can follow the best in the trade! TipRanks is the only platform that ranks experts based on their historical performance. This provides much-needed transparency and accountability when it comes to investment advice. It also gives you the power to follow the experts of your choice, meaning you will never miss out when they make a recommendation or transaction. The Expert Center includes the top 100:

You can find the Expert Center on the TipRanks menu, under Top Experts.

Follow the Top Experts

A quick look at the top experts shows you why it’s worth following their transactions.

Let’s focus on analysts to learn more. The list presents the top analysts in order of their ratings. For each analyst, you can see their sector and success rate (in other words, which percentage of their ratings are profitable after 12-months). You can also find their average return per rating, and other relevant information.

For example, Dan Payne, currently ranked no. 1 out of almost 8,000 analysts, works for National Bank, where he covers the Basic Materials sector. He has made an average return of 92% on his stock ratings, when measured after 12 months. Altogether, he has an 85% success rate, meaning after 12 months 85% of his ratings have resulted in profit. To date, 55% of his ratings have been Buy, 44% have been Hold, and 1% have been Sell. Looking down the list, he has issued significantly more Hold ratings than other analysts.

If you want to explore an expert further, click on their name to be taken to their full profile, where you see how they perform on a per-stock basis.

Going back to the ranking page, you are able to see how analysts are ranked according to different criteria, including sector and timeframe (ranging from over a 1-month period to 2 years); compared to a benchmark (either the S&P 500 or sector benchmark); and according to success rate.

Above each list, you can see your filtering options. Each list is slightly different; for example, the top hedge funds includes their Sharpe Ratio and assets under management. The top individual investors list shows their portfolio risk and the number of holdings. In each instance, you filter as many or as few options as you want.

Click on the Follow button to receive alerts about an expert’s transactions.

If you want to manage your alerts, just head over to the alert center, which you can find under ‘My Account’, under your membership type (Ultimate, Basic, or Premium).

How Experts Are Ranked

If you are wondering how TipRanks ranks experts, it is based on three different criteria:

  • Success rate – the % of ratings resulting in a positive return
  • Average return – of the experts’ ratings or transactions
  • Statistical significance – the more transactions made, the more significant the results

How Many Experts You Can Follow

Each subscription unlocks a larger number of experts for you to follow, so you can create your investment dream team!

Basic – follow up to one expert
Premium – follow up to five experts
Ultimate – follow all the experts of your choice

Read more about our plans.

Now Give it a Try

Head over to our Expert Center and see who you want to follow. If you want to be in the running to be a top 100 individual investor, make sure you sync your portfolio on our Smart Portfolio or upload your holdings manually.

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