Capitalize on Hedge Fund Activity with TipRanks’ Hedge Funds Tab

The top 1% pay hedge funds to aggressively manage their fortunes. In return, hedge fund managers continuously monitor the stock market, often relying on expensive equipment and investment techniques to maximize profits for their clients.

The TipRanks hedge fund tab levels the playing field by revealing how the best performing funds are investing in any stock. The information is based on data submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

TipRanks only tracks leading hedge funds and, as with other financial experts, it measures and ranks performance.

Here’s how you can easily see how the 200+ top performing hedge funds are investing in any stock.

Hedge Fund Activity

Using the Hedge Fund tab, let’s look at Netflix.

The first thing you see is hedge fund activity in the past quarter. In this case, holdings in Netflix increased by 2 million shares.

The chart focuses on the past eight quarters. It shows how many shares the tracked hedge funds held in Netflix in any given quarter. The gray line indicates the stock’s price.

Hedge Fund Confidence

For a quick overview of hedge fund confidence, just glance at the confidence signal. It is based on a technical analysis of changes in holding of the stock.

Hedge Fund Manager Action and Details

Next, get a detailed analysis of which hedge fund managers are investing in a company. The table shows the following actions:

– Added
– Reduced
– Sold Out
– No Change
– New

You can filter managers by ranking if you only want to focus on those with 4 or 5 stars.

The table focuses on the most recent reported quarter. In addition to displaying activity, you can see holding change as a percentage, reported value, and percentage of the portfolio.

To follow a hedge fund manager, simply click on the + at the end of the row. As with all TipRanks data, you can sort how the information appears by clicking on the column name.

You can find out more about a hedge fund manager’s returns and investment portfolio by clicking on their name and going to their profile page.

How to find the Hedge Fund Tab

You can find a hedge fund overview for every stock. Simply click on ‘Hedge Funds’ on the menu on the left-hand side of the analyst price target page.

You can reach the analyst tab by entering the name or ticker of a stock in the search bar at the top of the site, or the homepage. Or selecting one of the stocks featured on the menu.

Now, Give it a Try!

The hedge fund tab is an easy way to discover how the best performing hedge fund managers are investing.

We invite you to try and out, and of course, share your feedback with us.

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