Build an Investment Portfolio with Confidence with TipRanks Smart Investor

How do you simplify your decision-making process when it comes to your investment portfolio?

Smart Investor offers you an easy way to build and manage an investment portfolio based on TipRanks’ big data and deep market insights.

It is a weekly newsletter that expertly manages a portfolio of 20 to 25 stocks chosen for their long-term potential.

Each week, Smart Investor reveals which stock it is adding to the portfolio and which it is deleting. It provides a market update and ongoing commentary about the stocks in the portfolio.

Whether the market is at a record high or responding to a global crisis, such as the coronavirus, Smart Investor offers you clear commentary and a data-driven, actionable approach to managing your investment portfolio.  

The Smart Investor newsletter is released at 8.30am Eastern Time every Wednesday morning before markets open.

Here’s how it works.

Market Commentary

Smart Investor has its finger on the pulse of the events that matter to investors.

The newsletter begins with market commentary by the TipRanks Smart Investor editorial team. It gives you a clear overview of the news that matters from the past week and explains its importance.

It talks about any future events or announcements that may affect the market and explains their significance.

Portfolio Update

Next, it gives you an overview of how the Smart Investor portfolio is performing.

It explains how recent events have affected the portfolio and anticipates how future ones may impact it.

It discusses the strategies available to investors as well as the merits of different investments, sectors, or stocks. Additionally, Smart Investor gives you a visual breakdown of how each stock in the portfolio is performing.

New Addition

Every week, Smart Investor adds a new stock to the Smart Investor portfolio.

It selects stocks that show long-term upside potential, have a top Smart Score based on our scoring model, and a low trading price compared to analysts’ average target price.

It explains why that stock is being added. This may include company updates such as quarterly results, revenue increases, share price movements, management announcements, and commentary from leading Wall Street analysts.

It harnesses TipRanks’ unique datasets to give you data-driven insights about the company. For example, if a corporate insider has made an informative buy or leading Wall Street analysts have made or reiterated a Buy rating or hedge funds purchased shares, based on these datasets:   

Smart Investor always checks the Smart Score of any stock and only adds those with an ‘Outperform’ score.

New Deletion

To make room for the new addition, Smart Investor sells one stock and explains why this stock is being removed.

Current Portfolio Update

Utilizing TipRanks data, Smart Investor closely tracks all stocks in the portfolio. For each stock, you see any changes in analyst ratings, price targets, blogger sentiment, share price, company updates – or any other factor worth considering about the stock as an investor.

Charter Members of the 30% Club

Smart Investor seeks to outperform the market. Each week it highlights stocks that have joined or are close to joining the “30%” club; that is stocks that have generated a 30% profit since being added to the portfolio.

Smart Investor Archive

Subscribers have access to the archive which includes all historical stock picks and original newsletters.

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The Smart Investor newsletter is released at 8.30am Eastern Time every Wednesday morning before markets open. It provides a service for those who don’t have the time to conduct comprehensive stock research, or simply prefer some personal guidance. It can be used alone or can complement your TipRanks membership.

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