Risk vs. Reward: Keep your users informed, engaged, and trading!

TipRanks has created a groundbreaking Risk Factors tool for individual investors. This innovative feature gives investors an easy, visual way to understand the risks a company faces: risks that are usually buried deep in a report, virtually indecipherable to non-professional investors. We are the only investment research company that offers this type of invaluable tool!

TipRanks has invested massive amounts of time and money into developing the Risk Factors tool and democratizing the investment research process. Our advanced AI processes reveal new risks, changed risks, and reduced risks for every publicly traded stock.

With TipRanks’ Risk Factor tool, any investor can easily grasp the risks implicit in investing in a stock. At a glance, every investor is now able to gain information that had previously been accessible only to the upper echelons of commercial investors.

TipRanks’ Risk Factor tool is great for your clients and helps you to grow your business:

  • Educated Investors are your Top Customers: Knowledgeable investors make the ideal clients for your brokerage. That’s because investors who have the means to make intelligent decisions about their investments are more confident, more engaged, and typically more successful at stock trading. Once they see profit from their trades, your clients will return to your platform again and again.
    Giving your clients access to TipRanks’ Risk Factor tool will generate the engagement and customer retention that you seek.
  • Responsible Brokers are Respected Brokers: When you give your clients the best, most accurate information so they can make educated decisions about their investments, you prove your integrity as a broker. Providing your clients with investment research tools shows that you take responsibility for their trades and that you want your clients to make the optimal, most fact-based investment choices.
    Giving your customers access to TipRanks’ Risk Factors tool will build your reputation for accountability, which will bring new clients to your business.
  • Stand Out from the Competition with TipRanks’ Risk Factors Tool: In a crowded field, differentiation is important. When you offer your clients a new, completely different investment research tool, you demonstrate the uniqueness of your stock trading platform. What’s more, the democratic, equalizing nature of this tool shows your concern for your customers’ success at trading.
    Giving your clients access to TipRanks’ Risk Factor tool will shine a spotlight on your business, drawing the attention of existing and potential new customers.

You can see a full preview of the tool in this short video

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