3 New Features and 1 Redesign to Improve Your TipRanks Experience

We’re excited to announce that we have added three new features to TipRanks.

You already have access to the same research power as the biggest asset managers through our suite of simplified tools and data. We’re working hard to incorporate all the data you need onto the platform, so you don’t need to look anywhere else in your investment research process.

These three new features, and a redesign of an existing one, are designed to make your life easier.

Economic Calendar

Stay on top of market-moving events with our Economic Calendar. In addition to displaying the dates and times of fed statements, economic reports, and other releases, the calendar shows how likely such an event is to affect the markets by using an impact score. An event with an impact score of One is unlikely to have a domino effect, while one with an impact score of Three is more likely to make a difference. The calendar also presents the Actual results (when published), Estimated results, and Previous results, to help you understand the event better. You can easily filter the calendar to focus on events according to their impact scores or by the date.

Where to Find the Economic Calendar

You can find the Economic Calendar, on the main menu, under Calendars.

U.S. Stock Market Overview

Track the performance of the U.S. stock market with this highly visual and informative feature. This new addition to the platform gives you a comprehensive overview of the main indexes; the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq 100. The uppermost chart presents the performance of the indexes over different time frames. Below it, you will find the latest news articles about stocks in the indexes. Scroll on to see the day’s premarket movers, top gainers, and top losers, as well as a sector overview, based on the performance of sector ETFs. The new feature also presents how bonds, commodities, and the main currencies are performing over different time frames.

Where to Find the U.S. Stock Market Overview

You can find the U.S. Stock Market Overview on the menu, under Top Stocks.

Dividend Yield Calculator

As companies pay dividends on a per-stock basis it can be difficult to compare which stock has better payouts. This new feature makes it easy to calculate dividend yield. All you need to do is search for stocks that pay dividends; we do the rest for you.

Where to Find the Dividend Yield Calculator

You can find the dividend yield calculator on the menu, under Research tools.

Stock Analysis

If you are familiar with TipRanks, you have probably spent some time on our Stock Analysis feature, where you see a full stock review, including our data-driven stock score.

We’ve given this feature a redesign and added more functionality. We invite you to take a look and share your feedback with us at marketing@tipranks.com