2 Ways That Navigating TipRanks Just Got Easier

With a large suite of research tools on the TipRanks platform, we are always seeking the best way to present them. Based on your feedback, we have updated the TipRanks website menu as well as the search on mobile. Here’s what you can now expect when navigating TipRanks.

Simplified Menu

With our simplified menu on the TipRanks website, you can see all the features available to you and easily navigate the platform.

The menu is divided into five main areas:


This is where you can find all your favorite screeners and research tools. As we’ve got so many on offer, this section is subdivided in an intuitive way.

Top Stocks

If you’re looking for new investment ideas, this is where to begin. You can find a choice of “Top Stock” screeners based on different criteria such as analyst ratings, corporate insider transactions, and websites with the highest increase in traffic. You will also find our Stock Screener, where you can encompass all of TipRanks’ data in your search, our Penny Stock Screener, and the trending stocks feed.

Dividend Investing

A healthy portfolio is a diversified portfolio and usually includes dividend stocks. This section of the menu comprises all our dividend tools, calculators, and the latest news about dividend stocks.

Stock Comparison

If you’re looking to compare different stocks to see which has the most upside potential, or to find the highest Smart Score according to our data-driven stock score or any other criteria, or to discover and compare stocks in different sectors, the TipRanks stock comparison tool is the tool you need.

This section of the menu also gives you easy access to our most popular stock comparison topics.


In addition to all our calendars, including our new Economic Calendar, you can also access the daily analyst stock ratings, and daily insider transactions.


TipRanks is the only platform to rank financial experts. The Top Expert section of the menu takes you to the top 100 analysts, financial bloggers, corporate insiders, hedge fund managers, research firms, and individual investors. Go to My Experts to keep track of which experts you are following.


Get all your news and analysis from this section of the platform. In addition to the latest stock news and our unique stock analysis articles, you can access news about penny stocks, FAANG stocks and crypto stocks. You can also find the latest stories about TipRanks data, tools, and news in the TipRanks Labs section.


New to the platform, TipRanks TV brings you the latest stock news and analysis videos, including original TipRanks content.


Access all the sections of your Smart Portfolio, including your portfolios’ performance, crowd insights, a full review of your holdings and more. If you don’t yet have a Smart Portfolio, now’s a great time to get started! You can sync your portfolio to your trading platform or manually enter your holdings.

If you want to learn more about TipRanks, take a look at the More section of the menu. You’ll be able to read more about what we do and why we do it, as well as see the services we offer banks, trading platforms, hedge funds, and academics.

Improved Search on Mobile

We’ve improved your experience when searching the TipRanks website on your mobile device. When you open the search bar you will see a list of popular stock searches and experts, as well as your recent searches.

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