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The Challenge

TipRanks is proud to sponsor professional rock climber Elad Omer on his Himalayan expedition. Like investors, he relies on tools he can trust to meet his goals. Elad is tackling the remote and technically challenging Mukarbeh mountain in the Pir Panjal mountain range of India. At 19,945ft it is one of the highest peaks in the district, that noone has reached for 40 years. With a volatile climate, and challenging terrain Elad faces some serious challenges. His need for tools he can trust is much like that of investors striving to achieve their financial goals.

The Journey

The Need for Trust

We chose to sponsor this expedition as we see parallels between professional mountain climbing and investing. With many moving parts and unexpected changes, you don’t want to compromise on the tools you rely on. TipRanks is the only company in the world that measures and ranks the performance of financial experts so you know whose recommendations you can trust.

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