Analyst Spotlight

Bob McAdoo_excerptBob's recommendations of Spirit Airlines (SAVE), Southwest Airlines (LUV) and many other airlines, have helped him make it to the top spot with a +5.6% average return and a 69% success rate of recommendations.

​PC Shipments and MSFT


So, how well were PC shipments this past quarter? Gartner claims that Q1 shipments were estimated to be down 1.7%, while IDC estimated that shipments were down about 4.4%. Regardless of the exact number, PC shipments were clearly not at their peak, but it could have been a lot worse, according to analysts who were expecting a 5%-6% decline.  According to analysts, the mild success in sales was due in part to commercial drive for PCs and by "the imminent end-of-life of support of Micorsoft (MSFT) for WindowsXP". Based on these numbers, analysts are making projections for the rest of the year and are recommending BUY and HOLD MSFT.

Top Financial News Stories

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GM Isn’t The Only One With Recalls

Ford LogoWhile GM might be hogging the spotlight with its controversial recall situation (link to previous blog post about GM), Ford Motors (F) just announced a few recalls of their own. Unlike GM, no injuries or deaths have been linked to any of these current Ford recalls. However, the company is recalling nearly 435,000 cars and SUVs to fix faulty parts. Despite Ford’s issues with Ford Escapes and Ford Fusions, analysts are focusing on the company’s strengths and recommend BUY F. To see all analyst recommendations about Ford, download TipRanks.

Facebook Climbs Out Of The Dip

Facebook_iconFor the last few weeks, tech stocks have experienced a major drop in the charts, but on Wednesday, these stocks started to turn around, including Facebook (FB). On March 4th, Facebook hit its year-to-date high, followed shortly thereafter by a 20% dip, but Facebook just rose 7.3%, its best day of gains since January 30. Despite the latest fall, analysts are still recommending BUY FB, pointing to advertising strength and potential growth.

Hall of Fame/Shame

Mara Hall of FameMarch was a rocky month for stocks, but some analysts were able to weather the storm. See which analysts received the honor of the TipRanks Hall of Fame title, and which analysts unfortunately found themselves in the TipRanks Hall of Shame this month.

Major Aluminum Producer Up For Debate

Alcoa_LogoAlcoa Inc.  (AA) the third largest producer of aluminum in the world, recently reported their fiscal 2014 earnings, beating Street expectations with $5.5 billion in first quarter revenue. While some analysts are encouraged by the positive momentum and recommend BUY AA, other analysts are still voicing concern with their HOLD AA rating.